The Pursuit of Disruption

If you want to understand how technology is driving innovation and reshaping industries, there's one place you have to visit: Silicon Valley. The 40-mile stretch of office parks and sun-drenched suburbia boasts the world's densest concentration of technology giants, venture capitalists, and entrepreneurs. Connect to get the conversation started. |


Explore Silicon Valley

A custom 3-5 day itinerary designed to help you and your team understand how technology is driving innovation and reshaping a variety of industries. Meet the region's innovators, visit dynamic companies and organizations, gain insight and make connections. The program culminates in a Closing Dinner at one of San Francisco's best restaurants with invited guests from the San Francisco Bay Area entrepreneurial community.


"Our combination of great research universities, a pro-risk business culture, deep pools of innovation-seeking equity capital and reliable business and contract law is unprecedented and unparalleled in the world."

Marc Andreessen Co-Founder & General Partner, Andreessen Horowitz

  • How are Silicon Valley companies so innovative — what can we learn from an innovation and product development standpoint

  • What disruptive technologies coming out of Silicon Valley are going to impact our business

  • Engage with the innovation ecosystem in Silicon Valley and expand your network

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