DutchTechSF invites entrepreneurial-minded graduate and select undergraduate students to visit Silicon Valley for DTSF Tech Trek. During Trek, participants meet and engage with experienced entrepreneurs, company executives, and venture capital investors.

"The inspiring exchanges with entrepreneurs that were offered to us and just being in such a vibrant place as the Bay Area has added a new dimension to my motivation in the final phase of my Master's degree."

― Charlotte Meerstadt, MSc Environmental Engineering

"Tech Trek is a smartly designed trip into the Mecca of entrepreneurship - Silicon Valley. The trip is best described as a balanced diet, crucial for the future entrepreneur by interacting with founders and venture capitalists. Personally, it has truly enriched my career path by inspiring me to write my master thesis about this unique region."

― David Dwek, MSc Management of Technology

"We listened to many inspiring talks, and had insightful conversations with CEOs, entrepreneurs, and students. Silicon Valley is the perfect place to develop your idea, and yourself. If you ever have the chance to visit, it is a no-brainer to go."

― Emilio Oldenziel, MSc Computing Science

"Being able to see amazing companies like Dropbox, Google X, and Palo Alto networks, was such a thrill. The vibe that exists in those companies gives you the feeling you want to be a part of it. The people are very optimistic, hard-working, and seem to enjoy everything they do.”

― Manon Ligeon, MSc BioMedical Engineering

"Trek provided invaluable insights from company founders, venture capitalists, and researchers working on breakthrough technologies. It's a must-do trip for anyone who is interested in entrepreneurship and builds a fantastic network.”

― Avin Shanbhag, MSc Management of Technology

"There was enough space for us to have conversation with the founders, and we could ask anything what is not written in the books. It was a once in a lifetime experience as a student to be able to talk to CEOs, and get tips and ideas about your own path.”

― Busra Sari, MSc Applied Physics

"Visiting Silicon Valley opened my eyes regarding technology, business, and personal development. Meeting C-level people, and being able to ask and discuss just about anything really allows one to get a better understanding about companies that change the world.”

― Guus Klinkenberg, MSc Computing Science