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Bolt Threads: Way Better Materials For A Way Better World

  • Bolt Threads 5858 Horton St #400 Emeryville, CA 94608 (map)

Jeroen Visjager Associate Director

I'm currently responsible for leading a multidisciplinary materials team focussed on process development, optimization, and scale-up of natively inspired bio-derived materials with sustainability, performance and market advantages.

Alex Patist VP Process Development

Alex is our bridge between two worlds: the scientific and the commercial. He takes the magic of our science and makes it work on a big industrial scale – a feat he’s accomplished multiple times in the food, nutraceutical, biochemical and biofuel industries. He holds a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Florida and his previous experience includes Senior Director of Bioprocess Technology at Genomatica and Director of Technology at Cargill. Originally from the Netherlands, Alex is your man if you’re interested in the physics behind the pipe organ, or if you simply want to learn to play.

Way Better Materials For A Way Better World

We are a 21st century company on a quest to apply a biological process as old as existence itself: the evolution and transformation of our world into something better. Inspired by nature. Devoted to science. Explore:

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